Cold Acquisition? I open the doors to good deals.

Every moment is perfect to turn your lead into a client. Each and every day is the right time to lay the foundation for a good relationship. That is the essence of pre-sales.

What I do:

I actively approach your target group by phone, sticking to the point. An excellent balance between supply and demand will ensure that your sales pitch is high-quality and that the cold acquisition to make an appointment proceeds smoothly.
In my line of business, I use my own database and methods. While talking to potential clients, I find out who the actual decision-makers are. I offer them a business proposal: clear and convincing.

What makes Jeroen Romein different from everybody else?

Cold acquisition requires patience, a professional attitude, determination, persistence and persuasiveness. After all, rapport and trust are not easily created over the phone.
At the start, I will thoroughly explore your organisation so I can represent you properly. That will enable me to make a match between your portfolio and the current market demand. Next I will convince your cold lead that your services or products will match their needs.

Make an appointment:

I invite you for an intake. During that appointment, we will sit down together to explore your ambitions for growth and increased sales. It is key to have a clear focus on the type of clients that you serve. That way I can get a clear impression of the assignment, ensuring that your investment will have maximum effect. How much room do you have on your calendar for new lead appointments?

Support and assistance:

I do cold acquisition and make appointments for you. Would you also like support when you are actually sitting down to talk to your lead? Then I would also be happy to help you with the rest of the sales process. With professionalism, transparency and respect as my watchwords, I will help you negotiate. The result is closing the deal. I will use this to take lead generation to a higher level, transforming pre-sales into sales.