My project, Business in Holland, has given me years of experience in opening doors into Dutch business communities. This ensures that you will meet with the right parties. I can also support you after that in conducting physical talks with Dutch business partners.

I can build a bridge between your corporate culture and the differences in the Netherlands. To that end, I will discuss with you:

  • Customs and conduct in the Netherlands
  • Laws, regulations and rules
  • How decisions are made in the Netherlands
  • What do people appreciate, and what is perceived as unpleasant?

Finding common ground

The focus is mainly on finding common ground between your company and your lead’s organisation. Sharing expertise based on mutual interests is a rewarding starting point when you do business. That makes it even more important not to immediately focus on closing explicit deals.

Doing business in the Netherlands? Opening doors

Are you considering doing business in the Netherlands? Then you can rely on my range of professional and effective support services. I’ll make sure everything goes smoothly for you, ticking all the boxes so you don’t have to worry about anything.

We will have an intake interview beforehand to get a clear view of your expectations. Ideally, we’ll do that by Skype. When you arrive, I’ll meet you at the airport. By that time, I will have already made all the preliminary arrangements, including booking hotels and restaurants for you. Of course I will provide support and assistance in your sales interviews.

Priority in creating business relationships

I will help you make your business in the Netherlands a success. I have years of experience in establishing first contact over the phone. Opening doors is my core business.

To that end, I work with an extensive and comprehensive database of relevant companies in the Netherlands.

Are you looking for business opportunities with professional contacts in the Netherlands? Let’s talk! Contact me for an appointment.