Pieter Jan Lukas / Owner of Monitrax

‘I came into contact with Jeroen Romein because we were both members of the same Sales Management Club. My personal impression of him was the deciding factor.

Jeroen Romein doesn’t spin fairy tales about fabulous results that could be achieved. Instead, he clearly explains what he does. That makes him very professional.

He delivers on his promises, gets through lots of phone calls in a day, and achieves the right results for us.’

Joep Donders / Owner of Marvia

‘As a software company, we were looking for someone who could establish contact with new prospects. Jeroen Romein came highly recommended and the first impression was very positive.

He always has a pleasant voice and hardly needs any instructions to get the job done. When he faces any temporary setbacks, he doesn’t place blame on other factors. He just rolls up his sleeves and gets to work. Jeroen Romein is not afraid to reach out and make contact, even when he is not fully specialised in a specific product.

I definitely recommend Jeroen Romein, because he does his research and seriously takes the time to understand the product. Cold acquisition is Jeroen Romein’s professional area of expertise.’

Rob van de Coevering / ZuiverICT

‘I was considering multiple agencies, all specialised in phone acquisition. However, I could hire Jeroen Romein to come work at our location. That was a benefit to me. As a businessman, of course it’s impossible to verify if the person making your calls is actually working all day.

We sell a difficult product in the field of process mining. That means that Jeroen Romein has a short time frame to offer an impression over the phone about a product that isn’t his specialisation. He dug in and got the job done.

Jeroen Romein really immerses himself in an organisation, and also gave me the impression that he wanted to be a part of it all. You also know exactly what you are getting, since he always sends a report.’