Planning video calls for sales

Many sales reps and account managers are eager to jump into their cars and head out to meet a prospect or discuss a quote. Personal contact is absolutely important in a first encounter, but all those face-to-face meetings can lead to higher costs. Why not replace those first visits with video calls? It saves you lots of travel time and allows you to be much more effective in your work.

Is your team or employee still struggling with making professional video calls? Are they unfamiliar with which tools they could use, or how to have a good conversation on video? We offer a training programme customised to your needs, which boost your team’s performance in video calling!

Action plan for video sales

Video-based sales are very easy from home. If you have a webcam and a good microphone, you can get started almost immediately. When you receive a request from a prospective client, you can meet with them online to introduce them to you and your organisation. Tools like Skype, Zoom and MS Teams are affordable and user-friendly. We would be happy to advise you on which tool suits your organisation best.

You’ll need a clear strategy if you want to plan video calls effectively. How do leads come in? How do you convert them into appointments for video calls? What offer will you present during the video call? And what is the follow-up? We have over 10 years of experience in sales and would be happy to help you shape your video sales strategy.

The benefits of planning video calls

Adopting a new way of working can save you tons of time and cut down on your travel expenses. When you plan video calls for your first encounter with a new prospect, you’ll quickly be able to figure out if this prospective client is going to be a good match. In a video call, we can:
  • Meet each other
  • Give a short presentation
  • Exchange knowledge
  • Make a follow-up appointment (online or in person)

Do you generally use a slide-based presentation during your first meeting? You can show it to the client online! Planning video calls offers huge benefits for your sales team.

Training & coaching for video calls

Effective video calling is not the same as discussing a sale in person. Video sales require different skills and a different structure of the conversation. We have extensive experience in effective video calling and sales generation. During a one-on-one session or in a group session with your team, we share our knowledge, give you feedback on your current approach, and show you how to optimise your video calls. In the days after the training session, we can also give you feedback on how the tips are being applied in practice.

Are you interested in our training/coaching for effective video calls? Feel free to contact us. We would be happy to schedule an appointment to meet you in a video call!